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Business Consulting

With extensive experience in leadership, business management, nonprofit management & strategy, and manager & team development, we use these skills to partner with you to achieve your business and leadership objectives. We use philosophy, strategy and data to help small to midsize organizations achieve business results.

We use a human forward approach to help organizations achieve greatness through their people. Our framework defines the strategy and tactical elements for organizational achievement. We use reliable and proven processes and methodologies to help leaders strengthen these foundational elements and ultimately produce results consistently.


Build your business with expert counsel and coaching.

Focus areas:

  • Organizational purpose                               vision, mission and values

  • Strategy
    strategic planning, goals, KPIs, budgets and financials

  • Operational excellence
    change management, communication and operations

  • Coaching
    personal and professional development


Empower your board of directors to unleash their potential in leveling their contacts to increase fundraising efforts and embrace your nonprofit's mission in order to represent your nonprofit to its fullest potential

Focus areas:

  • Board of Directors Management
    development, role clarity, fundraising importance and performance

  • Nonprofit Governance
    attracting, hiring, onboarding, developing, engaging & retaining and exiting board members and volunteers

  • Coaching
    personal and professional development


Cultivate high performing employees and teams built on trust and psychological safety with our workshops.

Focus areas:

  • Employee hiring, training, engagement

  • Team building

  • High performing teams
    analysis and construction

  • Team alignment
    communication, feedback, accountability and trust



Assist in creating concepts that will start or elevate your business to its highest potential

Focus areas:

  • Creating or building upon concepts improving viability

  • Visualization and Implementation of chosen concepts

  • Analyzing results
    communication, feedback, accountability and trust

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